Sunday, March 17, 2013

Being You....

I know I have not blogged in a couple of weeks. First desktop computer went kaput!!!. I really can't get upset because I bought this computer a while was an old Compaq-Presario....don't laugh! Alright go ahead and laugh, I know you are anyway! Now the funny thing is, I've always been verbalizing that I would love to have a laptop computer. I wanted the portability and the freedom from not being chained to a computer desk. Well, I guess God must have grown tired of me verbalizing this wish, so He provided the opportunity. So there you have it....I purchased my first laptop computer! I know this is the 21st century and who doesn't have a laptop? The thing is, if my desktop was still chugging along, I thought it a waste of money to purchase a laptop when I had a perfectly working computer!!!

Second reason; sheer exhaustion. For the past couple of weeks, I've had hectic work schedules with tight deadlines. This left me feeling exhausted and depleted! I knew that I did not want to blog under these circimstances! So I made the executive decision to take a well-deserved mini "sabbatical"...LOL!

So I was watching Super Soul Sunday today on the OWN network. Oprah's guest was Brene Brown, Ph.D. Apparently she is one of the leading speakers on Vulnerability, Authenticity, Courage and Shame. Now I know that some Christians may ask what am I doing watching Oprah because of her metaphysical leanings. Nevertheless, I've found that when I listen to her guests they are really paraphrasing the teachings in the Bible! What resonated with me today are the concepts of Vulnerability and Authenticity. So many relationships are devoid of these concepts. Not only romantic relationships, but parent-child, friendships and sibling relationships. We walk around with facades; heralding Self-preservation as the name of the game. So sad....I've also been guilty of this crime.

Then it dawned on me why Jesus said that we should be child-like, not childish. Children usually are so trusting, vulnerable and authentic. Then they grow up, experience hurt, then put on "masks" to avoid future pain. To have fulfilling experiences, you have to take the risk in being vulnerable. Being authentic. When you do, you are liberated, to be you! Just the way God created you! He does not want you to be anyone else. It's too much work, first of all, and in fact you are telling God that He made a mistake when He took the time to create you. Now that does not mean that you should not make improvements in your character, with God's help! You should; but don't change the essence of who you are to please someone else.

So be the best YOU, you can be!! God loves YOU, just the way you are!

Until next time!!!


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    1. Thanks Karee...I will go to your blogpost