Monday, February 18, 2013

Loving yourself and others

When I would read this verse in the Gospel of Mark, I often wondered how could I do that? Love my neighbor as myself? There were times when I would find it difficult to "love" myself. I would find myself critiquing my features constantly. Why did God give me these big lips or this nose? I would also envy my Caucasian, Indian and Asian friends for their long, straight hair, instead of my "kinky" thick hair! I remember those days when I would go to the beauty salon and spend hours to get a relaxer so that I could have "straight" hair just like them. For six to eight weeks I would enjoy being just like them. At least in the hair department.

Then as I became older and hopefully wiser, I realized that there is more to me than my outward appearance. I have feelings, desires, wants and needs. Unfortunately I also have made mistakes, blunders and hurt others deeply by my words and deeds. Yet despite ALL of that, God loved me anyway. Therefore, if He could love me, then I should be able to love me too. Furthermore, throughout the Bible, we read where God showed love and mercy to everyone. From the most upright to what others considered the "scum" of society and everyone in between. With this realization, I knew that I had no choice but to love others too. Warts and all!! Just like He did.

Remember folks, every one of us is struggling with some challenge in our life. Even the rich and famous. Some may think that all their money helps them avoid suffering and heartache. But from watching these reality and entertainment shows, we know nothing could be furthest from the truth. Every day we read about a celebrity who has fallen from grace due to an impulsive act or some poor choice. So let's be loving, accepting and empathic with each other. Follow Jesus, He was and is the ultimate personification of LOVE!

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  1. Amen again, Cheryl. I too struggle with self acceptance at times, comparing myself to women on TV who have probably had plastic surgery, or the best exercise instructor to help get them in shape. I sometimes go to Joni and Friends website because I get to see how true beauty manifests itself in Christ like love for others who the world considers less than attractive.